Top 10 Tips for Kicking Off Your Federal Job Search

October 8, 2007 – 11:09 am

Are you seeking a coveted federal position in a competitive job arena?  Consider the following top ten tips to kick off your federal job search:

1. Start at the official employment web site USAJOBS to find federal job vacancies and the details regarding the application process.2. Be willing to accept a cut in pay temporarily.  While the pay scale for some federal positions may seem low, the salaries increase quickly and the benefits are great.3. Consider a trainee position to get your foot in the Federal door for a better position when  it becomes available.4. Read job specifications carefully.  You must apply to the job specifically according to the guidelines or your application will be disregarded.5. Maximize your accomplishments on your application and show your worth in every possible way.6. Show how your skills and knowledge are directly related to the job vacancy and use the keywords found in the job announcement.7. Never use a private sector resume to apply for a federal job.  Prepare a federal resume according to the job vacancy specifications.8. Be wary of companies that “guarantee” they will get you a federal job because that is not realistic.9. Consider hiring a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with the process and specifications for applying for federal jobs – this is a solid investment in your future that could mean the difference between getting that dream federal job and never even getting an interview.10. Never give up and keep trying until you get your chance – after all, there is plenty of competition.Remember, nothing good comes easy and it takes some work to get that desirable Federal position!

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