Understanding the ECQ (Executive Core Qualifications)

April 5, 2007 – 7:52 am

When applying for an upper management or executive level Federal job, whether applying from outside of government service or trying for a promotion within the government, and working at the SES level, the ECQ’s need to be considered.  ECQ’s are the Executive Core Qualifications that list competencies required for the position.  The idea is to list skills needed to build the culture and teams necessary for the particular organization.ECQ’s may be listed as such things as leading change, leading people, demonstration of business skills and acumen, methods of building coalitions, or other skills more specific to a particular agency, but concentrating on the higher end executive management skills.  When responding to these questions with an SES level job application package then each question needs to be addressed using as many specific examples as possible.The answers to the ECQ’s, and the competencies demonstrated through them, will be reviewed multiple times during the course of the interview and hiring process, and must stand up to intense scrutiny.  The assistance of a professional writer specializing in this process is practiced by a great many, if not most of the candidates who eventually reach these positions at the top of their fields and organizations.

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