Understanding the Veterans Preference for a Federal Resume

April 25, 2007 – 11:25 am

Veterans’ preference on a Federal resume is not always understood, and for a veteran can be an essential ingredient of success in landing a lucrative Federal job.  Of course a professional Federal resume writer can always help the applicant in understanding it.  Here’s a brief rundown.  If a job applicant for Federal positions is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, whether it is the Army, Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, or the Coast Guard, or the reserve components of those services (with sufficient active duty time involved) then veterans’ preference kicks in.  The veteran will receive an automatic five points of preference when compared to other job applicants.This means that if all other considerations are equal, the veteran, with five points of preference, will get the job.If the veteran has a service connected disability then the veterans’ preference is ten points.  This means that a war veteran of the military forces who was wounded in battle and has a disability will be considered over the veteran who is not disabled, if both are able to do the job and all other factors are equal.  And both would be given preference over the person who is not a veteran.  If in doubt, always consult a professional Federal resume writer.  They know the rules and can explain them to you.

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