Understanding the Various Federal Resume Formats: A Brief Overview of the QUICKHIRE Resume

November 12, 2007 – 7:22 pm

Every Federal resume has a different format and it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirement to apply for the job you want.  Many Federal agencies are currently using the QuickHire format for online job applications.  Knowing the format so you can properly submit your resume is essential to be considered for a desirable Federal position.A QuickHire resume has a total of 16,000 characters.  This will need to be used carefully to describe your contact information, education, training, employment background, skills, awards, certifications, licenses and other pertinent information.  To find the KSAs, you are usually required to register on the QuickHire website for the agency you are interested in, provide your contact information and enter a preliminary resume, which you can update when you really apply for the position.  When you log into the QuickHire site, you will view the announcement, vacancy questions and KSA questions to be answered.  In most instances, the KSAs are 4,000 characters.If you want to have a distinct advantage in the well-structured, competitive Federal job market, hire a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications to complete your application.  It can mean the difference between getting the job you really want or settling for a job you don’t.

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