Understanding Veterans Preference: Are you Entitled When Applying for a Federal Position?

September 6, 2007 – 11:29 am

Did you know that there is a veterans’ preference when you are seeking federal employment?  If you are a veteran, you may qualify for five-point or ten-point preference when applying for a desirable position with the federal government.Consider the criteria for five-point preference as a veteran seeking federal employment if you had an honorable or general discharge and served on active duty in the Armed Forces:-during any war declared by Congress (last being World War II);-for more than 180 consecutive days between January 31, 1955 and before October 15, 1976;-during Gulf War period August 2, 1990 to January 2, 1992;-for more than 180 consecutive days from September 11, 2001 and ending on date prescribed by law on the last day of Operation Iraqi Freedom or Presidential proclamation;-an expedition with a campaign medal authorized, such as Lebanon, Granada, Haiti, El -Salvador, Southwest Asia, Somalia and Panama;-Gulf War veterans and medal holders enlisted after September 7, 1980 or entered active duty on or after October 14, 1982 must have served continuously for 24 months of active duty; and-effective October 1, 1980, retirees with a rank of major or above are not entitled to preference unless qualified as disabled veterans.To qualify for a 10-point preference, you must be:-honorably separated veterans who are disabled as a result of active duty or are Purple Heart recipients;-spouse of a veteran who cannot work due to a service-connected disability;-unmarried widow of certain deceased veterans; or-mother of veterans who is permanently disabled or who died in service.Take advantage of your veterans preferences and consider a coveted Federal job today.  A professional resume writer can help you fulfill submission requirements and prepare a Federal government resume that makes you stand out from the other applicants even more.

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