US Federal Government: Where the Jobs Are!

August 6, 2007 – 3:39 pm

If you are interested in attaining a coveted federal position in a competitive job market, it is best to concentrate your efforts where the jobs actually exist. There are several areas of federal employment that currently have the great opportunities available. According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), five departments currently employ almost half the federal workers. Opportunities in the federal system range from janitors to judges.

The federal departments that employed the most folks as of the end of 2005 are:

  • The Department of Defense employed 675,289;
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs employed 235,902;
  • The Department of Homeland Security employed 152,245;
  • The Department of the Treasuring employed 108,306; and
  • The Department of Judge employed 106,178.

Listings for available federal positions may be found at USAJOBS online. No matter what type of position you are seeking with the federal government, you are certain to find something suitable within one of these five departments.

Federal positions offer competitive salaries, outstanding benefits and job security. Applying for a federal position is quite different that applying for a job in the private sector. Hiring a professional resume writer will ensure that you meet the detailed, stringent requirements for applying for a desirable federal position. Having a professional prepare and submit your resume can mean the difference between landing your dream job and not even getting an interview.

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