Using Job Titles on your Resume that Relate to the Position you are Applying For

May 7, 2007 – 8:34 am

Using job titles on your resume that relate to the position you are applying for are one of those things a job seeker can do to enhance changes of having a resume noticed and actually read by a hiring manager.  The more key words included in your resume writing, and the more job titles especially, that directly relate to the job being sought, the more attention will be paid to the resume.Many times a person’s job will have more than one title.  For instance, a sales person may be called a sales representative, a customer service coordinator, an account executive, or even a regional vice president at some companies, with all of these titles simply being a euphemism for sales person.  In this case, then mixing and matching the job titles, changing from sales representative to account executive depending on the position being applied for is acceptable and will call attention to you in a more positive way.Of course you should never lie on your resume, but simply making slight alterations that are factually correct and put you in a more favorable light are acceptable.  A professional resume writer can always help you if you are having problems determining what is acceptable and what is not.

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