Using the QuickHire Federal Application Process? Know Your Limits!

July 30, 2007 – 11:52 am

Will you be using the QuickHire federal application process to try to secure employment? It is important to know your limits when you use this system, which is owned and operated by Monster.

More than 100 agencies use QuickHire. Agencies such as the Department of Commerce and the United States Department of Transportation are part of this job application system located at

A benefit of using the QuickHire federal application process is that you can copy and paste your resume on one field, which makes the process quicker. However, before you can post your resume, you need to set up an account and answer profile questions. Also, there is a 16,000 character limit when posting your resume. Despite this limit, your resume must be prepared in accordance with the application specifications for the position you are seeking. Finally, you need to carefully follow additional instructions for faxing documents after the QuickHire application process is completed.

A professional resume writer can ensure your federal resume meets all specifications and even help you with the QuickHire process. Attaining a coveted federal position is competitive and hiring a professional resume writer is a solid investment in your future. After all, the right resume can mean the difference between getting the job of your dreams or not even being called for an interview.

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