Veterans’ Preference and Disability Accommodations

August 15, 2007 – 1:55 pm

If you are a veteran, you may be eligible for something called Veterans’ Preference, which provides assistance in competing for a federal job. If you have a disability, it is helpful to know that the government makes it a priority to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities.

Veterans’ Preference

Veterans’ Preference was established by Congress to recognize those who have served our country and, in doing so, have suffered economic loss and, in some cases, have become disabled. It is designed to give Veterans extra assistance in competing for federal job.

Typically veterans must have served on active duty for at least two years during a period of war or be disabled in order to be eligible for Veterans’ Preference. Veterans receive an additional 5 to 10 points which is added to their score on the competitive civil service examination. Veterans’ preference does not guarantee the veteran a job.

For more information about Veterans Preference visit:

Disability Accommodations

Federal agencies provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities, as long as you meet the job qualifications. Some of the accommodations provided include:

  • TTYs for use with telephones
  • Hardware and software that make computers accessible if you have vision impairments or difficulty using your hands
  • Sign language interpreters or readers
  • Training and other written materials in an alternative formats (e.g., Braille, audio tape, computer disk)
  • Physical changes, such as installing a ramp or modifying a workspace

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