Are your KSA Statements in CCAR Format? If Not, Forget About Job Consideration

July 20, 2007 – 3:26 pm


Your KSA statement gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your specific Knowledge, Skill or Ability. KSA statement give you a place to list educational courses, training, awards and quotes from letters and evaluations.

Your KSA statement needs to be based on the new OPM recommended CCAR model. CCAR stands for Context, Challenge, Action and Results. In the competitive job market for federal positions, federal employment personnel specialists prefer to read examples that actually demonstrate your Knowledge, Skill and Ability. The CCAR format requires you to actually show situations that demonstrate your KSA’s.Your KSA is a narrative document that reveals your writing style, your ability to follow directions and highlights your unique Knowledge, Skill and Ability in action. Federal employers want actual examples of what you can do to consider you for a federal position.Because your KSA answers are extremely specific, it is highly advisable to seek the assistance of a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer is completely familiar with the requirements to prepare and submit KSA statements so your application doesn’t get dismissed.Hiring a professional resume writer can actually mean the difference between getting a desirable federal government position or not even getting in the door for an interview.Are your KSA statements in CCAR format? If not, you may as well forget about being considered for that highly covered federal government position.

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