What is the OPM And How They Can Affect Your Chances of Federal Government Employment

July 18, 2007 – 9:24 am

The OPM is the Office of Personnel Management and they maintain a database for nearly all of the federal government positions available.

The database maintained by the OPM is called USA JOBS and it is updated daily. This database maintained by OPM allows job seekers to look for employment by agency, state or other similar criteria. The OPM keeps track of all available positions and the requirement to apply for these highly coveted jobs. The OPM ensures that proper job information, personal information, education, work experience and qualifications are secured.The OPM monitors federal job announcements and their detailed instructions to make sure that applicants follow them exactly. Certain documentation, besides a resume and application, is required to be even be considered for an interview for a federal position. The OPM is responsible for this criteria and you want to be sure to fulfill their requirements so you can be considered for a federal job in an extremely competitive situation.It is highly advisable to have your resume and application for a federal job prepared by a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer is completely familiar with the OPM requirements to apply for a federal position to ensure your resume is not dismissed. Hiring a professional resume writer can mean the difference between getting a dream federal job or not even getting an interview for the position.

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