Federal Government Stats: Who Really Works for Uncle Sam?

October 11, 2007 – 6:05 pm

Did you ever wonder who really works for Uncle Sam?  Where the jobs are with the Federal government?  What jobs exist with Uncle Sam based on position and location?  You can find out all the statistics about who works for Uncle Sam by visiting their website online.The U.S. Office of Personnel Management website features statistical facts about the size and composition of the Federal civilian workforce.  There are also free electronic publications with hundreds of charts and tables.  The primary source for the data provided on the website is the Central Personnel Data File maintained by the Office of Personnel Management.  The website features additional links and portals to find out statistics about the United States labor force and more federal facts.You can discover fascinating statistics about government employment.  Consider that 97.7 percent of Federal civilian employment exists in the executive branch while 1.2 percent is in the judicial branch and 1.1 percent is in the legislative branch.Check out the information at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (http://www.opm.gov/feddata/) to find out more about Federal jobs and who works for Uncle Sam.  You may decide to hire a Federal resume service and to help you apply for a desirable Federal job yourself!

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