Why Are they Asking for the Name and Contact Information for Every Supervisor?

April 26, 2007 – 12:42 pm

That is a common question of those job applicants who are preparing Federal format resumes.  Most civilian, private sector resumes don’t require this much detailed information, and all of the detail requested in a Federal resume can be intimidating.  Most of us don’t have memories that are at 100% and if a few years have passed sometimes we’ve forgotten the names of supervisors, or perhaps the proper address of an employer. Some people even become a little paranoid, thinking that every one of their former employers will be contacted.  That is actually unlikely, at least in jobs that don’t require security clearance simply due to the time it would take to do so, and the enormous cost. Spot checking does frequently occur however, and the OPM and other departments like to have a variety allowing spot checking with ease.  If the job requires a security clearance, as many Federal positions do, then providing name and contact information for former supervisors assists the investigators in their process and will actually benefit the applicant by making the security investigation a faster and smoother process.Also, there is a theory among human resource and recruitment professionals that asking for all of the name and contact information of every supervisor is simply the first demonstration of a job applicant that they are capable of following directions.  If that is the desired goal, then providing this information will sow the hiring manager than the applicant can be thorough and follow through.  Regardless of the reasoning, this information should be included on Federal resumes.

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