Why the OPM Needs Your Social Security Number on your Federal Resume

May 4, 2007 – 8:40 am

Why does the OPM, or Office of Personnel Management need your social security number on your Federal resume?In this age of identity theft when many people are leery of giving out their social security number that is a valid question.  After all, no other type of resume demands the inclusion of the social security number and the practice of putting it on a traditional resume is discouraged by professional resume writers of that reason, and the simple fact that it is not the business of a potential employer until they actually prepare to ire you.The simple answer to the question however is just that the Federal government uses the social security number for identification of all types and may not be able to process the Federal resume if the social security number is left out.Federal employees are bound to follow the law and protect the security of your social security number, but if you are interested in the Federal job being applied for, making their job easier and allowing them to process the Federal résumé will be to your benefit.For that reason it is wise to always include your social security number on your Federal resume, as asked.Caution: If you later use your federally formatted resume for applying for other jobs online, remember to remove all personal information such as SSN, supervisors names and phone numbers, salary ranges, etc. These have no place on a non-federal resume and should be removed to protect your identity and personal data.

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