Writing an ECQ for your Senior Executive Service Federal Applicaton: The Important Points to Cover

May 10, 2007 – 9:00 am

If your goal is an upper management or executive level Federal job then you will be working at the SES level, and ECQ’s are needed.  ECQ’s are Executive Core Qualifications, short essays that list competencies that the position requires.  The applicant needs to exercise all due diligence in wordsmithing because these documents are judged harshly and competition for these high level jobs is fierce.  The applicant needs to list all skills that are needed to complete the position as well as those that indicate an ability to fit in with and benefit the corporate culture of that particular government department.ECQ’s may be listed as accomplishments in business, ways that processes were improved at another government agency or private sector job, ways in which the applicant built coalitions, and other skills that are more specific to the position. The ECQ’s should demonstrate practices that fit the job and that will make the applicant seem like a natural and practical fit.  When working on ECQ’s, seeking the services of a professional Federal resume writer makes sense because the jobs are high paying, competitive, and the investment in assistance will be paid off quickly if the job is acquired.

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