Your Federal Resume Must be Focused, Succinct and Potent if You Want to Land an Interview

June 6, 2007 – 1:17 pm

Do you really want to land that seemingly elusive interview for a coveted federal position?  Your federal resume must be focused, succinct and potent if you want to gain the attention of interviewers holding hundreds of other resumes for one government position.The size of the federal government is continually increasing, as evidenced by the new Department of Homeland Security.  Positions are created and hiring occurs in various departments causing a need for more federal employees.  Your resume can make you seem insignificant or unsure, making a poor impression in a competitive hiring situation.  A highly effective resume is your way into the door so you can become a candidate to work for the federal government, the largest employer in the United States.Consider having your current federal resume reviewed by a resume writer or counselor to review it for strength and focus.  These skilled professionals will be able to scan your current resume and skills to maximize the potential of your federal resume and ensure it makes the grade.  A resume professional can assist you with the necessary cover letters and follow up, too.  Consult with a resume professional for a resume that get you noticed for that desirable federal government position.

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