Part 4: The Components of a Federal Job Vacancy Announcement – BENEFITS & OTHER INFO

January 30, 2008 – 8:52 am

Now that you have reviewed the overview, duties and qualifications for a Federal position you are ready to consider the fourth component of the Federal job vacancy announcement – Benefits and Other Info.

The Benefits and Other Info section clearly defines the benefits you would be entitled to if you secured the Federal position you are considering.  Health insurance benefits are specified as well as any costs that would be shared with a prospective Federal employer and the coverage you would receive.   This section also provides information about life insurance, long term-care insurance and any other type of insurance you may qualify for as an employee.  This section also gives you the facts about retirement benefits and the type of savings and investment programs you are entitled to participate in for retirement planning.  Other possible benefits outlined in the Benefits and Other Info section of the Federal job vacancy announcement include transportation expenses, annual vacation time, sick leave, holidays, possible advancement opportunities and pertinent facts about relocation for the position.To ensure the Federal position you want also provides the benefits you need, it is important to review the Benefits and Other Info section of the job vacancy announcement.  Most Federal jobs offer outstanding salaries with a comprehensive benefits package that is truly impressive.Is Your Federal Resume Ready?

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