Part 5: The Components of a Federal Job Vacancy Announcement – HOW TO APPLY

January 31, 2008 – 5:44 pm

The final component of a Federal job vacancy announcement is the section that outlines how to apply for the position. Once you decide you are interested in and qualified for a particular Federal job, this section provides the specifics required to apply and try to get an interview.The how to apply section lets you know if you can send applications via email or facsimile as well as the deadline for applying. For people who are unable to electronically submit their Federal resume or the hearing impaired, information is supplied about how to contact personnel for additional assistance. This section will also let your know what supporting documents are required to apply for the position such as a formal application and resume as well as responses to the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in the vacancy announcement. For those submitting with a veterans preference, additional documentation for submission may be outlined. The how to apply section also lets you know the addresses and numbers where you should send your application paperwork and who to contact if you are disabled and require reasonable accommodations to apply for the job.When you are ready to try to get that dream job with the Federal government, the how to apply component of the job vacancy announcement gives you all the instructions you need to get the interview you want. Carefully following the directions will ensure you have an opportunity to be considered for a coveted Federal position.

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