The Top 5 Mistakes Most Federal Applicants Make When Writing Their Own Government Resume

February 5, 2008 – 12:35 pm

Preparing a federal resume is much different than preparing a resume for submission to the private sector.  Consider the top 5 mistakes most federal applicants make then they try to write their own government resume:

  1. your resume is not the proper length and fails to provide sufficient details – a federal resume is 2-3 pages long while most private industry resumes are crowded onto 1 page;
  2. your resume does not include the right keywords to be considered for the position – it is essential to carefully review the job vacancy announcement for the keywords that describe the position  you are applying for so you can use those keywords throughout your application;
  3. your resume does not contain necessary compliance details such as your social security number, citizenship information, military experience, federal government experience or pertinent background about your work experience;
  4. your resume is grammatically incorrect or contains spelling errors; and
  5. your resume fails to comply with the requirement for Federal submission as detailed in the job vacancy announcement.

If the Federal job application process seems overwhelming, you can make a solid investment in your future by hiring an experienced resume writer.  A professional resume can mean the difference between landing your dream government job or continuing to rewrite your resume to try to get it right.

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