Federal Resume for Army Jobs: Resumix Restricts Characters in Employment Section (Make Sure Yours Includes the Most Critical Job Functions)

Federal resumes for jobs with the Department of the Army use a format they call Resumix, which has length limits many will find unusual.  Character restrictions in the employment section, rather than a page length limit or number of words limit.  It is extremely important that the applicant adhere to this restrictions as this can be seen as the first part of the screening process.  Use too many characters in the employment sections and your Resumix Federal resume goes into the electronic trash dumpster, never to reappear.  Your resume makes the first impression for you and it is imperative that it make a good first impression.When preparing job descriptions, the restrictions may seem daunting, but thousands have successfully worked within the guidelines.  Including the most critical job functions for those positions you have held in the past, in particular those that directly relate to the position you are applying for is necessary.  Quality writing putting your best food forward, while working within the character limits are another reason for consulting with a professional Federal resume writer who has experience in writing this type of resume and a successful track record.

The Importance of Including Keywords in your Federal Resume

Including keywords in your Federal resume is an important part of the process of preparing the Federal resume and ensuring that you get the interview you desire.  Keywords were not a part of the resume writing process until the advent of computers, and especially the Internet. Now many hiring manages utilize HR software packages to scan resumes, whether received electronically or in paper hard copy format, to search for words that relate to the job being applied for. They reduce the amount of human time needed to sort through resumes, letting the computer reduced the numbers that need to be checked by a person.This is the first cut, and only through use of key words, words directly related to the job, can you get past this electronic gatekeeper in the first part of the screening process.  Looking in the job description at USAJobs, an applicant should be able to determine which words are unique to the position, and make sure that those words are utilized inside the body of job descriptions in the resume itself.Of course, a professional Federal resume service is experienced in this process and can help you choose the key words that are right for you.

Federal Resume: How Many Years of Employment to Include

How many years of employment should you include on a Federal resume?  The short answer is “all of it.”  Federal resumes do not go by the same rules as those used in the private sector. With a private sector resume ten to fifteen years is considered standard. With a Federal resume you may find it wise to go back even further.The Federal government receives many more applicants for each job opening they have than they could ever hope to place, and they pay strict attention to detail in the Federal resume.  They are less concerned with age or likely to practice age discrimination than a private sector employer.Listing all of your job experience as far back as it goes is going to benefit you.  Of course, when you get back past ten years and get into areas that may not be as relevant, shorter job descriptions or summarizations of jobs held can hold the reader’s attention better and might be your best bet.  This is the type of information that a professional Federal resume writer can help you with and one more reason to use a professional Federal resume writing service.

Understanding Grade Levels of Federal Job Postings

Most people don’t understand grade levels of Federal job postings.  The grade level determines the rate of pay and amount of authority, and is very much like the rank or rate system used in the military.The lowest level is GS-1, which stands for government service one.  Consider that the same as an Army buck private or E-1, or a Navy Seaman Recruit.  Of course not everyone has to start at the bottom. Many times those who have a Bachelors degree can enter at GS-5 or GS-7.  These jobs are considered entry-level as well, and some on-the-job training will be included, but the degree does offer advancement faster.All jobs at GS-7 or above require some sort of specialized training which may be government or private sector training.  Those who have a Masters degree may qualify for GS-9 positions and those with a doctorate may qualify for a  GS-11 position.When checking job listings at USAJobs.com the grade level of the position you are looking at will always be listed. As in the military the same job description can have many levels, with increasing layers of responsibility. The applicant, when hired can advance in grade level, with commensurate increases in both responsibility and in pay.

A Federal Resume Should Include Supervisors Name and Telephone Contact

A Federal resume should always include the supervisor’s name and telephone contact information.  Private sector resumes these days traditionally don’t include that information, but with a Federal résumé it is essential that it be included.  Ease of contact by the supervisor to verify your employment, check on job description provided and even get a reference is not just a nice touch on a Federal resume, it is a requirement, and failure to follow instructions is one of the quickest ways to get disqualified for a position.Of course many times the applicant will no longer have that information, or the supervisor may have retired or gone on to another position.  There are also times when the business listed for previous employment is now out of business.  In those cases a very short explanation such as “out of business” or “supervisor retired” and providing all information that the applicant does have, perhaps an email address, is the best that can be done and will often help.This is, of course, one of the reasons that a professional Federal resume writer should be employed by the serious job hunter. It is their job to know what information must be included, and how to handle unusual circumstances.

Understanding the Difference Between KSA and ECQ in the Federal Job Application

Most people don’t know the difference between a KSA and an ECQ in the Federal job application process.  KSA’s are required when applying for most federal jobs. Used in conjunction with your Federal resume they allow the hiring manager to evaluate your knowledge, skills and abilities for the job you are applying for. Generally three, four or five KSA statements will accompany a job vacancy announcement.  The statements may be of a general or of a specific nature, and a good KSA statement answer will point to specific examples of situations in the applicant’s professional past when he or she performed in a manner that would lend credibility to their ability to perform the job applied for.ECQs are for Senior Executive Service and accompany the SES resume for senior level government service, that which is management level but just below that which requires a Presidential appointment.  According to the Federal government, the Executive Core Qualifications “define the competencies and characteristics needed to build a federal corporate culture that drives for results, serves customers, and builds successful teams and coalitions within and outside the organization.The Executive Core Qualifications are required for entry to the Senior Executive Service and are used by many departments and agencies in selection, performance management, and leadership development for management and executive positions.” Each of the five standard questions and answers will be one to one-and-a-half pages long, and will allow the applicant to highlight experience attained through use of examples.Like other parts of the Federal application process, the use of a professional Federal resume writer will greatly increase your chances of success.

Government Jobs Are on the Rise: Is Your Resume Up to Par and Ready to Go?

Government jobs are on the rise.  Is your resume up to par and ready to go?  Will your resume make the impression that you want it to make, resulting in a job interview?  Or, is your resume dragging you down?  The growing size of the Federal government, especially after the creation of the new Department of Homeland Security, and the increased hiring in several departments has increased the need for Federal employees.  This could be your opportunity to join the largest employer in the US, the Federal government, locking in a financially secure future will serving your country and your fellow citizens.Having your resume reviewed by a qualified career counselor, or especially a Federal resume writer who is a professional in this area is the first step towards ensuring that your resume will make a good first impression for you. That should include all supporting documents like cover letters, follow-up letters, and any KSAs you may be preparing. Make sure that your resume is up to snuff, and don’t let it hold you back.  Consult a professional and you’ll be way ahead of the Federal game.

Finding Job Postings Online at UsaJobs.org

Finding job postings online at USAJobs.org is a simple process and will save a great deal of time and trouble. Keywords, location, browsing and advanced search features are all part of the process.  The simplest way to look is simply to browse through the job selections.  This section is more random and not for the user who is short on time, but it may make a person aware of more jobs that are available than they were aware of.

Location can be used if a person is unwilling to travel or relocate.  If you only want jobs in Kansas City, or only want jobs in San Francisco, then this search method is a good place to start.

The most effective method however is probably through use of keywords.  If you are interested in law enforcement then the keywords law enforcement, security, homeland security, police, and others will turn up large lists. Then the advanced search features will allow you to tighten the search according to geographic area or other factors.  Using the computerized features of USAjobs.org will allow a person to do a more thorough job search, save time and be more competent, with the added benefit of posting resumes immediately while online.

The Average Federal Job Seeker Spends 12-16 Hours on an Application – Why Not Hire a Pro?

The average Federal job seeker spends between 12 and 16 hours working on an application.  Why not hire a pro?  Consider first the benefits of using a professional Federal resume writer when it comes to the quality of your resume.  Doesn’t it make sense that someone who prepares Federal resumes for a living and has done so for a while will be good at what he or she does?  Just like a lawyer, a plumber and a good auto technician, practice makes perfect, and a professional workman earns his or her pay through professional competence.  The pro will undoubtedly do a better job of preparing your Federal resume that you will.  The resume writer would, on the other hand, always defer to you or someone like you in your area of specialty.Next, consider the amount of time you spend working on it yourself and what your time is worth.  What do you earn per hour on the job?  If you normally make $20 an hour, then 12 to 16 hours means you have $240 to $320 invested.  If you make $40 an hour you have $480 to $640 invested. And what you wind up with is a resume that is not as good, or as effective as the one the professional would have crafted.  It will not do as good a job for you, and may not obtain the interview you desire.  In that case you would have wasted your time, your money and your opportunity. Sometimes hiring a professional to do what they do best is the least expensive way to handle a situation.

The Various Approaches to Tackling a KSA for a Federal Job Posting

Here are some ways to approach KSA statements:* Describe a specific situation.* Give an overview of your experience.* Give an example of relevant education or training.* Describe an award given for specific accomplishments.Each of these scenarios will allow the author of the KSA statement to go back mentally and picture times in the past when skills that are needed and must be demonstrated have been used.  Considering these various approaches to tacking a KSA for a Federal job posting as a mental device to spark the memory and allow a retelling of  events that would be of benefit is a good way to work on a KSA.Remember that KSA stands for knowledge, skills and aptitudes and these are the things that must be demonstrated.  Describing a specific situation, for example, allows the writer to show how in past situations these skills and aptitudes were used, and how knowledge was demonstrated.  Of course, professional Federal resume writers use these same techniques when gathering information about you to use in composing KSA statements, and can provide assistance when you are truly serious about the job posting.