The Difference Between an Air Force and a Navy Resume Format

What is the different between an Air Force and a Navy resume format?  Both types of resumes use the Resumix format, a specialized type of Federal resume that adheres to strict standards set forth by the organization that does the screening and hiring of candidates.  Both types of resumes take their names from the original US Army Resumix resume format, but are not identical.Just like the other parts of a Federal resume application package, including the KSAs or knowledge skills and aptitudes essays, the applicant should pay very close attention to the specifications on the job listing and on the Federal job posting website.  Not following the instructions can get an applicant disqualified immediately, doing the opposite of what the resume is intended to do, which is secure an interview.For this reason, serious job candidates should consult a professional resume writer who specializes in Federal resumes, and has extensive experience in military to civilian conversion resumes.The Air Force Resumix or the Navy Resumix should be handled by a triple specialist: a professional resume writer who also has experience in translating military language to civilian ; and experienced in the processing of Federal resumes themselves.

A Federal Resume Writer is Highly Skilled

A Federal resume writer is a highly skilled professional.  While anyone who makes their living as a writer must have a command of the language and be comfortable using words to craft images, persuade, inform and convey information, a Federal resume writer must do more.  The Federal resume writer must ensure that his or her client is taken seriously in consideration for the Federal job applied for.  The Federal resume writer must doe everything in his or her power, using words as tools to acquire an in-person interview for the client, using the Federal resume to make the hiring manager call the client into an office in the same manner that a newspaper, magazine or Yellow Pages ad will act like a magnet in drawing a customer into a place of business.Additionally the Federal resume writer must stay within guidelines which include character count and page count of the Federal resume, and must be skilled in reading between the lines, determining what skills the client has that are crucial to, or helpful to the job being advertised.  This includes the KSA section, where individual essays address specific skills and aptitudes required for the position.  For this reason the Federal resume writer must have a wide variety of knowledge, covering many professional skills areas.

Does my Military Service Count for Anything on a Federal Resume?

Q: Does your military service count for anything on a Federal resume? A: Yes, it certainly does. Your military service gives you a leg up in the application process. Your years of service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard will count as years of Federal employment, giving seniority time when hired. Additionally, during the Federal application process the Federal job resume allows you to certify that you are a veteran and receive a five point veterans preference simply for having served in the military. If you have a service connected disability, then a ten point veterans preference kicks in, giving you even more advantages.After spending time serving your country, and defending the rights of others the Federal government has determined that you deserve preference over other candidates who may not have made the sacrifices that you made when you swore your oat to “preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Your professional Federal resume writer can, of course, help you in getting the most out of your military service when writing your Federal resume, and assist you in getting the advantage in the hiring process that you have earned through your service.

Why Are they Asking for the Name and Contact Information for Every Supervisor?

That is a common question of those job applicants who are preparing Federal format resumes.  Most civilian, private sector resumes don’t require this much detailed information, and all of the detail requested in a Federal resume can be intimidating.  Most of us don’t have memories that are at 100% and if a few years have passed sometimes we’ve forgotten the names of supervisors, or perhaps the proper address of an employer. Some people even become a little paranoid, thinking that every one of their former employers will be contacted.  That is actually unlikely, at least in jobs that don’t require security clearance simply due to the time it would take to do so, and the enormous cost. Spot checking does frequently occur however, and the OPM and other departments like to have a variety allowing spot checking with ease.  If the job requires a security clearance, as many Federal positions do, then providing name and contact information for former supervisors assists the investigators in their process and will actually benefit the applicant by making the security investigation a faster and smoother process.Also, there is a theory among human resource and recruitment professionals that asking for all of the name and contact information of every supervisor is simply the first demonstration of a job applicant that they are capable of following directions.  If that is the desired goal, then providing this information will sow the hiring manager than the applicant can be thorough and follow through.  Regardless of the reasoning, this information should be included on Federal resumes.

Understanding the Veterans Preference for a Federal Resume

Veterans’ preference on a Federal resume is not always understood, and for a veteran can be an essential ingredient of success in landing a lucrative Federal job.  Of course a professional Federal resume writer can always help the applicant in understanding it.  Here’s a brief rundown.  If a job applicant for Federal positions is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, whether it is the Army, Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, or the Coast Guard, or the reserve components of those services (with sufficient active duty time involved) then veterans’ preference kicks in.  The veteran will receive an automatic five points of preference when compared to other job applicants.This means that if all other considerations are equal, the veteran, with five points of preference, will get the job.If the veteran has a service connected disability then the veterans’ preference is ten points.  This means that a war veteran of the military forces who was wounded in battle and has a disability will be considered over the veteran who is not disabled, if both are able to do the job and all other factors are equal.  And both would be given preference over the person who is not a veteran.  If in doubt, always consult a professional Federal resume writer.  They know the rules and can explain them to you.

The Essential Sections of a Federal Resume

The Federal resume is divided into several sections, and each should be given proper consideration when applying for Federal jobs.  These sections are the contact information, work history, the education section, additional training or professional development, associations and organizations, the objective, the professional profile, the computer proficiency section, and licenses and certifications.The objective section should clearly outline the job being applied for, including all applicable identification numbers.  The profile should be a condensed summary of qualifications.  The work history will go into great detail on jobs held in the past, duties and responsibilities, and accomplishments along with contact information of supervisor and dates of employment.  The education section will list all college degrees, periods of college or trade school attendance, and high school graduation information, or GED information.  Associations of course list clubs and organizations, especially those of a professional nature.  Licenses and certifications won’t apply to everyone, but if they are applicable they are very important. For instance, an airplane pilot would need to list a pilot’s license, or a certified police officer applying to Homeland Security would need to list certification.  All of these sections need to be as complete as possible.A certified Federal resume writing professional can tell you what information needs to be include and put it in the appropriate format.

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Keywords are CRITICAL in a Federal Resume

Keywords are important in any resume, but they are critical in a Federal resume. Whether you are applying for a Federal job through the Office of Personnel Management, or using a army navy resumix resume, keywords that relate to the job you are applying for and want to perform need to be included in the resume itself. Your professional Federal resume writer can help you to determine which keywords will assist you and make getting the important interview more likely.When the resume in analyzed it is quite often searched electronically. If the keywords that relate to the job you are after are included in the résumé it will make the cut. Much like using Yahoo or Google to perform a web search, the software used at the Federal level will go over all submitted resumes and determine which candidates meet the grade through use of words relating to the job. It doesn’t’ matter what the job is, there are lists of words that connect to the job that are relevant and if used will help you. This can be a complicated process, but once again, this is one of the reasons for using a professional Federal résumé professional. These pros know what words to use and will help you get the interview.

Military Resumes Are Different: Service Personnel and the Federal Job Process

Military resumes are different and those differences in the Federal job process can help the veteran and should be taken advantage of. Remember of course that a professional Federal resume writer can always provide assistance in utilizing military experience and the advantages that come from being a veteran when seeking Federal employment.The first thing to keep in mind is that the Federal employment resume takes Veterans Preference into account. Just for having served in the Armed Forces of the United States a veteran will receive five points, providing a leg up in getting selected. A veteran who has a service connected disability will receive a ten point veterans preference, which can make a world of difference.Also remember that a veteran already has Federal work experience. Years of service count in the Federal hiring and review process, and should always be included on the Federal resume and highlighted because they will make a positive impact in how an applicant who is a veteran is perceived and received.When discussing resume preparation with a professional Federal resume writer, always go into as much detail as possible regarding your military service. The Federal resume writer would rather have too much information than not have enough.

The Federal Job Application Process is Like Navigating a Garden Maze

Have you ever really looked closely at the Federal job application process?  It can be daunting, and reminds many people of those complicated garden mazes. You can get lost and wander for years, it seems, not know the way out.  All of those new words that meant nothing the day before, like OPM, resumix, KSA, and veterans’ preference.  All you really want to do is apply for a job with the Federal government, but it seems so difficult that many people just give up and go away.  That’s why so many successful Federal job seekers consult with and hire professional Federal resume writers.

The professional Federal resume writer is a highly skilled professional. A triple specialist.  First the writer must be a writer, a word smith who is skilled in use of the language. Then the writer must become a specialist in preparing resumes.  Finally the writer must learn the ins and outs of the Federal process. Not every writer can write resumes, and certainly not every resume writer works on Federal resumes.  You owe it to yourself, your family and your career goals to consult with a professional Federal resume writer to navigate that confusing maze and give yourself the break you deserve.