A Reader Asks: Should I Write My Own Federal Resume or Will it Affect My Chances at Qualifying for a Government Position?

Answer: Writing your own Federal resume is certainly possible but can be a tricky task to take on. Each posted Federal position has specific requirements and a certain procedure that must be followed to apply for the job. You are responsible for using certain keywords that appear in the job announcement to get your resume recognized. Your resume must have a certain number of characters and follow a designated format. There are knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) statements that you need to complete to detail your qualifications for a Federal position.Also, Federal positions are highly coveted because of the job security and outstanding benefits. As a result, there are many applicants for one position. If your resume does not meet all specifications, clearly outline your qualifications for the position and use essential keywords, it is likely to be overlooked. Hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications is a solid investment in your future. A professional resume writer knows the proper way to format and submit your resume to potential Federal employers so it will be noticed. Although you can write your own Federal resume, it may take you a lot longer to get noticed – if at all. A resume writer can help you to stand head and shoulders about the other applicants in a competitive Federal job market.

PatriotJobs.net & Hire-A-Patriot.com Launch San Francisco Based Websites

Local Job Boards To Help Military Servicemen & Women, Veterans and Their Families

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 5, 2007 — PatriotJobs.net announced today the launch of two websites aimed at assisting military veterans in finding gainful employment in the greater San Francisco Bay area. The websites can be found at: Http://SanFrancisco.PatriotJobs.net and Http://SanFrancisco.Hire-A-Patriot.com.

PatriotJobs.net is a job board focused on linking willing employers with military veterans and those individuals transitioning from active duty military service. PatriotJobs.net has more than 15,000 positions with major corporations nationally and more than 600 in the San Francisco Bay area.

Hire-A-Patriot.com is a totally free job board that provides part-time or temporary positions with homeowners or small businesses. If you are active duty military or a family member and you are looking for part-time or temporary work to supplement your military income, this is the website for you. Homeowners seeking day labor and small businesses offering part time jobs can post jobs for free and access a network of hard working American Patriots. See Ten Reasons to Hire a Military Veteran.

“We are so pleased to be able to bring job boards of this caliber to the Bay area,” said Steve Smith Director of the San Francisco based websites. “Our military personnel deserve an opportunity to enhance their careers and better provide for their families,” he added.

Both websites serve Beale Air Force Base, NAS Lemoore, The Presidio, Hamilton Air Force Base, Travis Air Force Base and McClellan Air Force Base. News and information affecting military veterans and their families can be found at http://www.patriotjobs.net/military-news.

About PatriotJobs.net and Hire-A-Patriot.com

Founded and operated by military veterans, for military veterans, PatriotJobs.net and Hire-A-Patriot.com are the best resource for employers seeking top talent. For more information Contact: Steve Smith at 530-432-8583

Understanding the VET GUIDE on the OPM Website for Federal Government Employment

If you are a veteran of the armed forces who served our country, it is important for you to understand the Vet Guide on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website for the Federal government.  As a veteran, you may be entitled to a veterans preferences under the United States Code.Statutory employment requirement for veterans are found in titles 5 and 38 of the United States Code.  Under title 5, service during a “war” is used to decide the entitlement to Veterans’ preference and service credit.  OPM interprets this to be a war declared by Congress.  However, title 38 defines “period of war” and includes non-declared warms such as the Persian Gulf, Korea and Vietnam.  These conflicts may entitle a veteran to benefits under title 38 but not preference or service credit under title 5.  Using the correct definitions will help veterans determine their eligibility for certain employment benefits and rights in the Federal government.If you are veteran seeking a coveted position with the Federal government, consider investing in a professional resumewriter who is familiar with Federal specifications.  A professional can assist you in understanding and navigating the application process and give you a resume that make you stand head and shoulder above the other candidates.

The 411 on the Federal Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF)


What is the 411 on the Federal Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF)?  According to President George W. Bush, “The purpose of the Program is to attract to the Federal service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs.”

PMF was established in 1977 by the Executive order to attract outstanding men and women from a variety of career paths and academic disciplines to the Federal service.  The common thread is an interest in and commitment to excellent leadership and managing public programs and policies.  PMF brings in graduate students from various social and cultural backgrounds to effectively face the challenges of serving the public.PMFs will receive at least 80 hours of training each year of their fellowship with an Orientation Training Program held by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). PMFs will follow a written outline of technical skills and core competencies called the Individual Development Plan (IDP) before being converted to a target position with at least one other rotational assignment to another functional area.Applying for these coveted fellowships may be done through the USAJOBs website and requires applicants to follow federal specifications for submitting a resume.  Hiring a Federal government resume writer who is familiar with federal specifications is a solid investment in your future and can mean the difference between landing that fantastic fellowship or just wishing you had.

Federal Job Seekers: Tips for Writing Great ‘Selective Factors’

Now that you understand the federal resume submission process and the KSA’s, there is another element to consider – selective factors.  Positions that require specific qualifications that are absolutely necessary to perform the job with success involve the use of selectors factors.  These selective factors are part of the minimum requirements for a position and determine eligible applicants.Selective factors will be established in the vacancy announcement.  You need to demonstrate your ability to meet these specific factors to perform the position.  Areas may include:

  • your experience such as internships or field work that would qualify you for the position;
  • your education that pertains to a specific area – for example, an agency may want to consider limiting applicants to people who have an educational backgrounds in a particular branch of physics rather than a related or general field.

Quality ranking factors are also used to establish which applicants are better qualified for a position. Additionally, there are special in-service placement provisions that require applicants to meet certain minimum qualification requirements.If you want to ensure your specific factors are stellar, have a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with the federal submission process prepare them for you.  This investment in your future may mean landing a coveted federal position or still trying to come up with the right resume on your own.

Federal KSA – Demystifying the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities the OPM is Looking For in You

When you apply for a position with the federal government you will most likely need to prepare an accompanying KSA statement, which is a short term that stands for “knowledge, skills and abilities”.Knowledge is the body of information you have factually and procedurally to perform the job.  Skills are the ability to verbally, manually and mentally work with things and data competently.  Ability is your power to perform an activity.  You need to provide your knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job you want on the statement you present to the OPM.Write clearly about your KSAs and job so anyone can understand your responsibilities.  Number and title each KSA in bold and type responses in single space.  Include your name, social security number and the job vacancy  number at the top of each page submitted.  Be very detailed and specific, answering what, who, why, when, where and how and avoid repeating your resume or referring the OPM to another part of your application.  Write in first person and make sure the reader knows what position and experience you are discussing.  Instead of using puffed up language, use specific examples and descriptions that make the reader come to the conclusion themselves.  Include as much as possible to show your qualifications.If you want to really get noticed by prospective federal employers, invest in a professional resume writer to prepare your application.  This solid investment in your future can mean the difference between getting the job and not even getting a call.

Understanding the Increasingly Popular Assessment Questionnaire for Federal Job Applicants

Besides the specifications for the submission of resumes and the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) statements, an increasing number of government agencies are requiring applicants to complete self-assessment questionnaires.The newly popular assessment questions are intended to make the federal job application process simpler and are pre-interview questions to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the position.  Your basic and specialized qualifications are determined by your core and self-assessment questions as well as your resume.  Self-assessment questions may have responses such as yes/no, true/false and “check all that apply” related to duties required for a job.  You will also rate yourself and if you cannot give yourself a 4 or 5, consider whether you should apply for the position since human resources will want top applicants.  You often need to back up your self-assessment score with examples so be ready to provide your capabilities with specifics.Your assessment responses should match the language used in your resume writing to compliment it.  Usually there are 10 to 30 assessment questions, which you should print out in preparation for the interview.  Often the interviewer will be looking for you to reiterate examples you provided on your job application, so be prepared.To ensure a strong candidacy for a coveted federal position, have a professional resume writer who is familiar with federal specifications prepare your application so you can stand head and shoulders above the other applicants.

For Veterans’ Day, U.S. Department of Labor encourages employers to participate in 25-day, nationwide ‘blitz’ of job fairs

Events are latest effort of HireVetsFirst campaign to connect employers and veterans

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In observance of Veterans’ Day, the U.S. Department of Labor today announced plans for a 25-day blitz of 107 veterans’ job fairs to be held in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico between October 23 and November 16.

“The qualities America’s service members are known for — discipline, a strong work ethic, leadership and technical skills — are in high demand by employers,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao. “These job fairs are an important part of our effort to help America’s service men and women transition back to civilian life when their tours of duty end and a tremendous opportunity for employers looking for great workers.”

“The United States military is the finest, most technologically advanced in the world,” said Charles S. Ciccolella, assistant secretary of labor for the department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS). “Our nation invests billions of dollars annually to train America’s armed forces, instilling and developing valuable hard skills in our service members. Equally important are the skills service members learn, such as loyalty, discipline, selflessness, leadership, and the ability to follow instructions and perform under pressure. These are all inherent to the military culture. The HireVetsFirst campaign is about increasing employer awareness of the skills veterans bring to their businesses, and to encourage employers to hire veterans, not just out of a sense of patriotism, but because it makes good sense for employers who want to grow their businesses.”

A list of job fair locations by state and more information about the HireVetsFirst campaign are available at www.hirevetsfirst.gov. For more information on all the veterans’ employment programs offered by VETS, visit www.dol.gov/vets.

Public Speaking & The Art of Persuasion for Executives in Federal Government SES Positions

When a candidate is fortunate enough to get a coveted position as an SES executive with the Federal government, it is essential to continually educate yourself and hone your professional skills.Through supplemental courses and seminars, many SES executives are sharpening their abilities in the areas of public speaking and the art of persuasion. Because SES executives are the leaders within the Federal government, these skills are essential for them to adequately handle their jobs.The ability to harness the power of public speaking can make a major difference in an SES executive’s career. Communicating the objectives and position of government leaders to employees and the public is a key element to a successful system. Speaking clearly, concisely and appropriately to gain the attention of all types of people is a valued skill as an SES executive.The power of persuasion is helpful in many ways for SES executives. From other federal agencies to employees to public entities, there is some level of persuasion required on behalf of SES executives. By encouraging people to follow the intended plan and vision of your department or agency, you are furthering the abilities of the Federal government.To become a key player within the Federal government and realize significant earnings as an SES executive, sharpen those public speaking and persuasion skills today.

How is Your Personal Brand Image? Public or Private Sector – It Really Does Matter

To advance your career in the public or private sector, having an outstanding personal brand image really does matter.  Much like well-known retail brands such as Pepsi or Coke, people will know about you from your personal brand image.

Without a great image, Pepsi and Coke would just be carbonated, colored water with sugar.  It is the hype and anticipation that keep people coming back for more.  This concept works the same way when it comes to personal branding.

To effectively create a personal brand image, consider your strong points and what makes you more special than anyone else in your field.  Are you are great writer?  Do you always finish jobs ahead of schedule?  Is it always possible for you to bring people together, even in the face of controversy?  Figure out your strong points and make sure you share them with everyone around you.

Offer your talents in a variety of forums to gain notoriety, such as moonlighting, networking, freelancing and teaching.  The more people who become familiar with your unique talents, the more famous you will become in your field.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, having a strong personal brand image is a key element to your overall success.