Performing a SWOT Analysis on your Business Skills & Then Capitalizing on Them

When you perform a SWOT analysis on your business skills, you will be able to capitalize on them to make the most of your unique abilities. Strategic planning is an essential part of determining your current and future business success.

What exactly is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Generally used for businesses, a SWOT analysis can be quite easily translated to your career life.

Strengths and weaknesses are part of your ‘internal business’ and opportunities and threats are external business factors.

Strengths can include your personal brand, good reputation, your education, business skills and work experience in a particular niche or industry.

Weaknesses may be a poor reputation, weak personal image, substandard or missing skills in a key area where you may want to seek employment.

Opportunities can include recent barriers to trade lifted, taking advantage of new technologies and companies who are expanding that fall within your areas of expertise or core competencies.

Threats of an external nature can be anything from your competition within the job market, to a particular industry that is vulnerable, downsizing or experiencing turbulence.

When you perform a personal SWOT analysis on your business skills, you uncover your good and bad points – your opportunity and your challenges – and overall be in a better position to target your dream job.

By analyzing business strengths you can be ready to pursue future lucrative opportunities. In understanding business weaknesses, you can eliminate potential threats and strengthen the areas that need improvement.

A SWOT analysis can help you to develop a defensive plan that makes the most of your abilities for the greatest possible business success.

On the Job Success Tips to Get Yourself to the SES Level

Being a Federal employee gives greater opportunity for advancement than most other employers. In fact, at the senior management level referred to as Senior Executive Service (SES), the average salaries range from $107,550 to $162,100 with over 7,000 SES employees currently serving the government.If you want a desirable SES level position, it is a good idea to get in the door as a Federal employee. For example, most Federal positions have promotional potential or a “career ladder”. An entry-level position may give you the potential to get rapidly promoted after successful service for at least one year. As you progress in grades, you will receive a substantial salary increase and additional responsibilities to add to your resume. As a Federal employee, your probationary period is usually 1 year and then you are almost guaranteed lifetime employment and few such employees are ever fired, laid off or forced to transfer. Thus, your daily job performance will be a determining factor in how far you go as a Federal employee.SES positions are the highest level of civil service and personnel , responsible for entire functions of an agency. You need at least 10 years experience to qualify for SES position. Even if you are a Federal employee, you need a resume and additional statements such as Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) statements to show your leadership competencies such as leading change, leading people, business acumen, results driven and building coalitions.As a Federal employee in a lower level position, always show your ability to learn, innovate, be flexible, serve customers, manage conflict, leverage diversity, build teams, be accountable, solve problems, deal well with technology, manage finances, manage people, communicate openly and negotiate effectively. Developing these skills and crafting an effective resume and ECQ statements will lead you to a coveted SES position. For a distinct advantage in a competitive Federal job market, have a professional resume writer prepare the documents to pursue that dream SES position.

Hiring a Business Coach To Guide Your Success in the Federal Government

Are you looking for a successful career in the Federal Government? There are many guidelines to follow and a variety of opportunities available with the government and often they can be difficult to understand. To property guide your success in the Federal government, considering hiring a business coach to optimize your potential.

With over 50 agencies or “departments” within the Federal government, there are an incredible number of positions to fill and jobs to contract in every possible area of employment. There are possibilities for employment with the Federal government as a small business,veteran, disabled veteran, woman and minority. The greatest obstacles toward obtaining coveted Federal employment are navigating the systems and its guidelines, knowing the right questions to ask the right people, following the proper specifications for application and being persistent.

If all of this seems overwhelming to comprehend while trying to decide the most viable areas of the Federal government to work in for your unique skills, talent and knowledge, a business coach can give you the direction you need. By working with someone who is familiar with business success and Federal government requirements, you will have a distinct advantage pursuing a successful, lucrative and secure career with the Federal government.

Federal Government Stats: Who Really Works for Uncle Sam?

Did you ever wonder who really works for Uncle Sam?  Where the jobs are with the Federal government?  What jobs exist with Uncle Sam based on position and location?  You can find out all the statistics about who works for Uncle Sam by visiting their website online.The U.S. Office of Personnel Management website features statistical facts about the size and composition of the Federal civilian workforce.  There are also free electronic publications with hundreds of charts and tables.  The primary source for the data provided on the website is the Central Personnel Data File maintained by the Office of Personnel Management.  The website features additional links and portals to find out statistics about the United States labor force and more federal facts.You can discover fascinating statistics about government employment.  Consider that 97.7 percent of Federal civilian employment exists in the executive branch while 1.2 percent is in the judicial branch and 1.1 percent is in the legislative branch.Check out the information at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management ( to find out more about Federal jobs and who works for Uncle Sam.  You may decide to hire a Federal resume service and to help you apply for a desirable Federal job yourself!

What Happens if I Exceed the Character Limits on my Federal Resume?

Q.  What happens if I exceed the characters limits on my Federal resume?A.  Remember that your Federal resume is the first impression your prospective employers get of you and your qualifications.  Federal resumes and job applications follow a specific format and you must follow the guidelines provided for applying.  When your Federal resume or job application exceeds the designated character limit, the Federal system will recognize you did not follow the instructions right away.When you are applying online, if your Federal resume or job application goes over the character limit, in some cases, you will be prohibited from completing the online job application process or at the very least only parts of your resume will make it into their database because the application will prompt you to reduce the character limit for each section.  You will not be able to move onto other sections of the Federal job application if your required document exceeds the stated character limit.  When you consider character limit, you need to remember that spaces count because certain Federal systems do not have the feature that counts your characters meaning you will have to keep track of this on your own.  Also, each Federal job you apply for will have their own unique requirements and a different number of characters allowed on your application and resume.  Therefore, it is necessary to carefully review the specifications and character limits for each Federal job before you apply so you can comply with the guidelines for submission.  If these requirements seems tough to comply with, consider hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications to prepare and submit your resume.  Having the right resume and job application in the competitive Federal job arena can mean the difference between landing a coveted Federal position and just dreaming about it.

An Overview of the Ideal SES (Senior Executive Service) Job Candidate

While each Federal position description has different criteria and requirements specified in the keywords used, there are general qualifications that make someone an ideal candidate for an SES (Senior Executive Service) position with the Federal government.According to Charles Ingersoll of Korn/Ferry International, who helps to fill senior-level job openings in the Federal government, there are several qualifications an SES candidate should possess.Qualities include a sense of public service with the desire to give back.  SES employees should have noble goals and be able to make many decisions in a constantly moving environment.  Often SES positions are filled by executives who have over 20 years experience because of their level of maturity and patience.Frequently an ideal SES candidate is someone with a mix of private sector and public sector experience because the risk of not working out goes down because they know what both sectors are about.Following all the guidelines and specifications for applying is crucial when seeking a Federal SES position.  Regardless of your abilities, the process remains the same for all applicants and failure to adequately describe your qualifications according to Federal guidelines may cause your resume to be disregarded.  Hiring a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications to prepare your resume and application is a solid investment in your future.Having a professional SES resume writer who uses the right keywords and follows the guidelines can mean the difference between landing that coveted Federal executive position or just wishing you had.

Top 10 Tips for Kicking Off Your Federal Job Search

Are you seeking a coveted federal position in a competitive job arena?  Consider the following top ten tips to kick off your federal job search:

1. Start at the official employment web site USAJOBS to find federal job vacancies and the details regarding the application process.2. Be willing to accept a cut in pay temporarily.  While the pay scale for some federal positions may seem low, the salaries increase quickly and the benefits are great.3. Consider a trainee position to get your foot in the Federal door for a better position when  it becomes available.4. Read job specifications carefully.  You must apply to the job specifically according to the guidelines or your application will be disregarded.5. Maximize your accomplishments on your application and show your worth in every possible way.6. Show how your skills and knowledge are directly related to the job vacancy and use the keywords found in the job announcement.7. Never use a private sector resume to apply for a federal job.  Prepare a federal resume according to the job vacancy specifications.8. Be wary of companies that “guarantee” they will get you a federal job because that is not realistic.9. Consider hiring a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with the process and specifications for applying for federal jobs – this is a solid investment in your future that could mean the difference between getting that dream federal job and never even getting an interview.10. Never give up and keep trying until you get your chance – after all, there is plenty of competition.Remember, nothing good comes easy and it takes some work to get that desirable Federal position!

How to Determine Your Veteran’s Preference Before Applying for a Federal Job

Have you served in the military and do you have a veterans’ preference? Here are ways to determine if you have a veterans preference prior to applying for a Federal position.Basically, the law states that disabled veterans or veterans who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during certain specified periods of time or in military campaigns have preference over non-veterans. The preference exists in both hiring from competitive lists of eligible candidates and in retention during reductions in the Federal work force. Preference is a uniform way special consideration is given to qualified veterans who are seeking Federal jobs.Requirements to be a veterans with preference are defined in Section 2108 of Title 5 of the United States Code. To have preference you must:-have a general or honorable discharge;-when applying for Federal positions, eligible veterans must claim preference on their resume or application – for a 10-point preference, form SF-15 must be completed;-military retirees at the rank of major, lieutenant, commander or higher are not eligible for preference unless disabled veterans;-preferences is not given to Guard and Reserve active duty for the purposes of training.There are also types of preferences, a 5-point preference and a 10-point preference based on when and how a military member served. If the process of applying for a Federal position with preference seems confusing to you, consider having a professional resume writer prepare your application. Using a Federal resume service that is familiar with federal specifications can mean the difference between getting that coveted Federal job or still wondering how to apply for it.

Student Jobs in the Federal Government: Check Out E-Scholars

You can actually get a student job with the Federal government for an excellent jump start on your future.  By getting a student job with the Federal government, you can learn skills, gain valuable work experience and even have a possible career lined up for your future.   If you are interested in a coveted Federal student position, check out e-Scholar where you will find a myriad of information.E-Scholar is a one-stop portal that publicizes the education opportunities that are available within the Federal government for students from high school to doctorate level and career professionals.  In fact, e-Scholar is the umbrella term that encompasses scholarships, fellowships, internships, jobs, apprenticeships, cooperative education and grants within the Federal government and help link to those educational opportunities.Each of the Federal educational opportunities has difference requirements but most require you to actively pursue a diploma, certificate or degree.  Students also have to be in good academic standing a school, meet government security requirements and be a United States citizen.  Each specific program will have its own eligibility program.  Consult with a professional Federal resume writing service that’s familiar with the process to find out the best way to go about getting a desirable Federal student position in a competitive arena.

Hot Federal Jobs According to

If you are seeking a coveted Federal position, the first place to look is the USAJOBS website.  This official website is filled with information about applying for Federal positions and lists a variety of available Federal jobs that you can apply for online.Check out the hot jobs in the Federal government by clicking on the link at the USA jobs website. A key to landing the ideal position is to stay up to date about the latest trends in Federal hiring.  Accordingly, the USAJOBS website updates their page of top 50 federal occupations with the most openings in the last calendar month every week.Consider the recent positions that were considered to be the hot jobs at USAJOBS:-nurse;-secretary;-contract specialist;-accountant;-project manager;-supply clerk/technician; and-human relations specialist.Clearly there are numerous options in a variety of areas when it comes to selecting a Federal job.  Each position has different requirements for applying and the guideline needs to be followed carefully to be considered for the job.  In a competitive Federal job marketplace, you can get an edge over the other applicants by having a certified Federal resume writing expert prepare your application.  Using a resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications is a solid investment in your professional future.