A Federal Resume Should Include Supervisors Name and Telephone Contact

May 21, 2007 – 8:45 am

A Federal resume should always include the supervisor’s name and telephone contact information.  Private sector resumes these days traditionally don’t include that information, but with a Federal résumé it is essential that it be included.  Ease of contact by the supervisor to verify your employment, check on job description provided and even get a reference is not just a nice touch on a Federal resume, it is a requirement, and failure to follow instructions is one of the quickest ways to get disqualified for a position.Of course many times the applicant will no longer have that information, or the supervisor may have retired or gone on to another position.  There are also times when the business listed for previous employment is now out of business.  In those cases a very short explanation such as “out of business” or “supervisor retired” and providing all information that the applicant does have, perhaps an email address, is the best that can be done and will often help.This is, of course, one of the reasons that a professional Federal resume writer should be employed by the serious job hunter. It is their job to know what information must be included, and how to handle unusual circumstances.

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