Applying for a Federal Job Posting Online? Some Tips to Help You Get a Leg Up

June 12, 2007 – 8:18 am

The first thing of course is the quality of your Federal resume. Is it as good as it should be? Do it get your skills and qualifications across to the reader in a manner that will lead them to want to interview you? If not, you need to improve it, either yourself through study, work and word smithing, or through hiring the services of a professional Federal resumewriter.Next, make sure that the appropriate keywords have been used in the Federal resume. All of the best writing in the world will help you with the human being who eventually reads the Federal resume, but the first gate to cross is the software that checks for appropriate keywords.Check the job listing, make an educated guess about the keywords that are important for this position and be sure to include them in the body of your job descriptions. Show that you can do the job by pointing out how you have done similar jobs in the past.

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