Character Limits for a RESUMIX Federal Resumes

August 15, 2007 – 1:55 pm

You may be aware that there are content considerations for federal resumes but did you know that there are also character limits?  If you are applying for a coveted federal position through any of the Department of Defense (DOD) agencies, there are RESUMIX federal resume requirements for the number of characters allowed in your resume.The requirements vary depending on whether the federal government position is with the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force for the number of characters in each portion of the resume.  Basic RESUMIX federal resume requirements can be anywhere from 12,000 to 20,000 characters and with various limits within the resume itself.  There are also five page limits for certain RESUMIX federal resumes.Reviewing the character limits is essential prior to submitted your resume for consideration when applying for a federal position where there is serious competition.  Your resume should show your ability to completely follow instructions and comply with requirements.Consider hiring a professional resume writer to prepare and submit your RESUMIX federal resume.  A professional resume is well-informed about the requirements for submission, including the content and number of characters allowed in your resume.  Hiring a resume writer is a solid investment in your future and can mean the difference in whether or not you land that desirable federal job.

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