The Importance of Including Keywords in your Federal Resume

May 30, 2007 – 11:18 am

Including keywords in your Federal resume is an important part of the process of preparing the Federal resume and ensuring that you get the interview you desire.  Keywords were not a part of the resume writing process until the advent of computers, and especially the Internet. Now many hiring manages utilize HR software packages to scan resumes, whether received electronically or in paper hard copy format, to search for words that relate to the job being applied for. They reduce the amount of human time needed to sort through resumes, letting the computer reduced the numbers that need to be checked by a person.This is the first cut, and only through use of key words, words directly related to the job, can you get past this electronic gatekeeper in the first part of the screening process.  Looking in the job description at USAJobs, an applicant should be able to determine which words are unique to the position, and make sure that those words are utilized inside the body of job descriptions in the resume itself.Of course, a professional Federal resume service is experienced in this process and can help you choose the key words that are right for you.

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