The Difference Between an Air Force and a Navy Resume Format

August 18, 2008 – 6:21 pm

What is the different between an Air Force and a Navy resume format? Both types of resumes use the Resumix resume format, a specialized type of Federal resume that adheres to strict standards set forth by the organization that does the screening and hiring of candidates. Both types of resumes take their names from the original US Army Resumix format, but are not identical.


Just like the other parts of a Federal resume application package, including the KSAs or knowledge skills and aptitudes essays, the applicant should pay very close attention to the specifications on the job listing and on the Federal job posting website. Not following the instructions can get an applicant disqualified immediately, doing the opposite of what the resume is intended to do, which is secure an interview.


For this reason, serious job candidates should consult a professional resume writer who specializes in Federal resumes, and has extensive experience in military to civilian conversion resumes.


The Air Force Resumix or the Navy Resumix should be handled by a triple specialist: a professional resume writer who also has experience in translating military language to civilian ; and experienced in the processing of Federal resume writingthemselves.

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