Federal Resume Writing Services

Federal Resume Writing $295.95 – Includes 5 Free KSA’s. Every single day… thousands of people apply for federal jobs—and every day federal HR personnel face a new stack of applications, resumes and KSA’s to review. They do not have time to distill the salient points from your resume, and even if they did, they are not allowed to do so.This is why you need to ensure that your resume and KSA’s are so well and clearly written that your job qualifications leap off the page. Otherwise, you probably won’t even make the short list, let alone the final cut.Our Resume Packages are extremely comprehensive:(You will not find another professional service that offers such a comprehensive package for one all-inclusive rate for so little money!)
  • Free KSA’s (up to 5 if required by announcement)
  • Resume in MICROSOFT WORD format
  • CUSTOMIZED Cover Letter in MICROSOFT WORD format
  • CUSTOMIZED Follow-Up Letter in MICROSOFT WORD format
  • Guaranteed Delivery in 5 business days or less!
  • Trust your future to our experts…

KSA Writing $129.95 - Includes 5 KSA’s 

Resumix Resume $295.95 - Includes 5 KSA’s

Professional Resume Writing $257.90 and up – Includes cover letter, thank you letter, resume blasting, resume posting and web formating